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Sports World Reacts To LeBron James, Cowboys News

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 08: NBA player Lebron James of the Miami Heat throws a football at AT&T Stadium before a Sunday night game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys on September 8, 2013 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

For years LeBron James was arguably the most high-profile Dallas Cowboys fan in the world. But recent circumstances have led him to change allegiances.

In a recent interview on Instagram Live, LeBron declared that he is no longer a Cowboys fan and cannot support the team. He said that he cannot support the ownership after the team prevented players from kneeling during the national anthem in the wake of the 2020 social justice protests.

That isn't to say that LeBron doesn't respect the players on the Cowboys. He professed his respect for Cowboys star linebacker Micah Parsons. 

Moving forward though, LeBron is sticking with his home team: The Cleveland Browns.

But NFL fans aren't exactly on board with the moral stance LeBron is taking. Many are pointing out that the Browns aren't exactly beacons of morality given their controversial signing of Deshaun Watson earlier this year:

Some Dallas Cowboys fans have dreamed of LeBron James joining their team once he's done with the NBA. Even as he approaches 40, LeBron is in incredible shape and has prior football experience - so joining as a tight end or some other skill position might work.

But LeBron is also allowed to change his mind. Maybe he'll return to supporting the Cowboys again someday.

What will it take for LeBron to start rooting for the Dallas Cowboys once again?

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