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Cowboys release of DE indicator of coming roster move, but not likely Beckham

The Cowboys have made a move that is going to do nothing but fuel speculation, leaving Dallas fans wondering when the next shoe is going to drop. After a Thursday win and a mini-bye, Dallas is getting back to work in preparation for their Week 13 matchup with the Indianapolis Colts. One player who has been on and off in contributing in 2022 will be permanently off, as the club released DE Tarell Basham.

That’s the first shoe, but the second one is what everybody is focused on. Basham hasn’t been much of a contributor this season, dealing with injury and recently being a healthy scratch. The second shoe could be the shiny slipper being carried around town to see who fits it. There’s one obvious addition everyone is thinking about, but it’s likely not a precursor to an Odell Beckham signing.

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