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Cowboys Rumors: Odell Beckham, Jason Peters vs Connor McGovern, Jalen Tolbert, Playoff Picture | Q&A

Cowboys Rumors: Odell Beckham, Jason Peters vs Connor McGovern, Jalen Tolbert, Playoff Picture | Q&A 

Dallas Cowboys rumors today are in mailbag form! There are Cowboys questions on topics like signing Odell Beckham, the Cowboys playoff picture, starting Jason Peters or Connor McGoverm, Jalen Tolbert and Sam Williams. Here’s the full breakdown of the Cowboys mailbag questions:

- Dallas Cowboys Playoff Picture?
- Will Sam Williams play more for the Dallas Cowboys?
- Who is the Dallas Cowboys 2022 Season MVP?
- Should Tony Pollard play more for the Dallas Cowboys?
- Cowboys Defense: Can Anthony Brown play in the slot and Bland play corner on the outside?
- Will the Cowboys sign Odell Beckahm Jr. from NFL Free Agency?
- Is Micah Parsons going to win the NFL Defensive Player of the Year?
- 2023 NFL Draft: Who should the Dallas Cowboys draft?
- Kellen Moore’s gameplan with 3 TEs and 2 WRs?
- NFL Trade Deadline: Should the NFL Cowboys have traded for Cedrick Wilson?
- Should Jason Peters or Connor McGovern play for the Cowboys offensive line?
- Will rookie Jalen Tolbert play for the Dallas Cowboys?
- Cowboys injury report update?
- Cowboys NFL Draft Targets?

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Jason Peters stats: 61 snaps, 0 sacks, 0 hits, 2 hurries, 0 penalties, 63.7 PFF Run Grade
Connor McGovern: 270 snaps, 1 sacks, 2 hits, 7 hurries, 0 penalties, 46.6 PFF Run Grade

Pick a LG: Type ‘JP’ for Jason Peters, ‘CM’ for Connor McGovern

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Dallas Cowboys 2022 Schedule:
Week 1: vs. Buccaneers (SNF): Loss,19-3
Week 2: vs. Bengals: Win, 20-17
Week 3: at Giants (MNF): Win, 23-16
Week 4: vs. Commanders: Win, 25-10
Week 5: at Rams: Win, 22-10
Week 6: at Eagles (SNF): Loss, 26-17
Week 7: vs. Lions: Win, 24-6
Week 8: vs. Bears: Win, 49-29
Week 9: BYE
Week 10: at Packers
Week 11: at Vikings
Week 12: vs. Giants (Thanksgiving)
Week 13: vs. Colts (SNF)
Week 14: vs. Texans
Week 15: at Jaguars
Week 16: vs. Eagles (Christmas Eve)
Week 17: at Titans (TNF)
Week 18: at Commanders

Predict the Cowboys record in 2022!

Current NFL Playoff Picture:
#1 Philadelphia Eagles: 7-0
#2 Minnesota Vikings: 6-1
#3 Seattle Seahawks: 5-3
#4 Atlanta Falcons: 4-4
#5 Dallas Cowboys: 6-2
#6 New York Giants: 6-2
#7 San Francisco 49ers: 4-4
Outside Playoff Picture:
#8 Washington Commanders: 4-4
#9 Los Angeles Rams: 3-4
#10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3-5
#11 Green Bay Packers: 3-5
#12 Arizona Cardinals: 3-5
#13 New Orleans Saints: 3-5
#14 Chicago Bears: 3-5
#15 Carolina Panthers: 2-6
#16 Detroit Lions: 1-6

Will the Cowboys win a playoff game? Type ‘Y’ for Yes, ‘N’ for No

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