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Here's which teams can help the Cowboys' playoff push in Week 10

As the NFL calendar moves to Week 10, the Dallas Cowboys are starting to see their path to the playoffs. It’s not out of the realm of possibility, but it is an uphill climb to win the division. Doing so will likely mean that Dallas is the No. 1 seed, as catching Philadelphia will require an almost perfect second half of the season. That will likely need to include a Week 11 victory over the (currently) one-loss Minnesota Vikings.

Such a feat would render the rooting guides useless. Having control of your own fate is always preferable but in this case not likely. The Cowboys’ most likely playoff destiny lies in a wild-card run, so getting to the best situation will still be dependent on other team’s results. In that light, avoiding teams which look like potential dangerous matchups in favor or more amenable opponents seems to be important. Here’s a rooting guide for the Week 10 games that could help Dallas.

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