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Report: Cowboys safety Jayron Kearse played through dislocated right shoulder against Giants

Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers
Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

An update on Cowboys safety Jayron Kearse’s health status.

On Thursday afternoon, the Dallas Cowboys secured their eighth win of the season over the New York Giants, and since it was on a Thursday, they now have a week and a half to rest up and recover.

One player who will likely be taking advantage of that is safety Jayron Kearse. During the game it was obvious that Kearse was dealing with something and on Friday morning a few more details emerged. According to The Dallas Morning News, Kearse suffered a dislocated shoulder.

As Michael Gehlken notes, Kearse not only finished, but was among the players who played the most on the defensive side of the ball. Playing that much in general is quite taxing on the body and doing so with a dislocated shoulder only adds to the difficulty level.

Kearse has been a standout player and leader for the Cowboys from just about day one so this is par for the course as far as he is concerned. It was a job very well done by one of the team’s most important players.

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