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Look: Dak Prescott's Brother Reacts To Viral ESPN Clip

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - FEBRUARY 05: A view of the logo during ESPN The Party on February 5, 2016 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for ESPN)

There was a pretty funny moment on ESPN's First Take this morning between Dan Orlovsky, Mina Kimes, Marcus Spears and Ryan Clark. Among the thousands that enjoyed it was Dak Prescott's brother.

Taking to Twitter, Tad Prescott retweeted the clip of Orlvosky getting roasted for his take on being a better quarterback for the Jets. Prescott then declared that the four analysts would make a great team on their own show.

"I’ve said it many times. @Realrclark25 @danorlovsky7 and @mspears96 need there OWN show. We can include @minakimes as well," Prescott wrote.

Mina Kimes was among the first to point out that they actually already have their own show - NFL Live. Orlovsky also pointed out that they have that same energy on NFL Live during weekdays.

"Appreciate that man thank you. Fans of you and your brothers And we do-it’s NFL LIVE everyday brodie," Orlovsky wrote back.

To Tad's defense though, NFL Live doesn't have all four of those personalities on every episode. And rarely does it have the same kind of energy that we see on First Take. Few shows on ESPN's lineup do to be fair.

ESPN could definitely use with more high-energy programming on par with First Take or Get Up.

Would you see a show that has Ryan Clark, Dan Orlovsky, Mina Kimes and Marcus Spears?

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