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Cowboys' playoff run: Home-field advantage, grass or turf, is a real thing

The Dallas Cowboys put forth a valiant effort in their charge to steal the NFC East from the Eagles. Alas they fell short, slotting into the fifth seed and destined for a nomadic playoff journey on the road. This fate was largely met with a shrug. Plenty of teams win on the road in the playoffs so the Cowboys will just have to be one of them, right?

A recent observation regarding how the Cowboys fair on the road has gained a near-viral clamor in Cowboys Nation this week. The Cowboys, dominant on turf, are quite the contrary when forced to play on grass surfaces.

Suddenly the idea of playing on the Bermuda grass down in Tampa doesn’t sound so menial. As Jon Machota pointed out, the Cowboys are 1-4 on grass this season. The slower surface is arguably stealing the athleticism away from Dallas’ top playmakers.

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