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Here's how all of our 2022 Cowboys preseason predictions turned out

Every year, every writer, blogger and content creator feels some type of way about the team they cover. By a majority, those covering the Dallas Cowboys were not very enthusiastic about the chances of the 2022 version of the franchise. Offseason moves that were and weren’t made were the biggest area of concern, but there was an overall malaise surrounding the fanbase and media from the way the 2021 campaign ended.

In 2021, Dallas raced out to a hot start, quarterback Dak Prescott got injured and things fell apart down the stretch. A couple huge scoring outputs against overmatched and not trying foes allowed Dallas to end the year as the league’s top scoring team, but they fizzled at home in the wild-card round in inglorious ran-out-of-time fashion.  That funk carried over through free agency where they appeared to get worse not better and the stench of the loss marinated longer than any in a long time.

Against that back drop, I made a series of early September predictions about what the Cowboys were facing, how they’d perform and ultimately their regular-season record. With one more week to go against a team that doesn’t seem like they’ll put up much fight, Dallas appears on the verge of a 13-win season. It’s only right to look back on all of the things we thought at the time and score them.

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