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Latest mock has Cowboys committing worst draft sins imaginable

The Dallas Cowboys ebb and flow in their subscription to conventional wisdom when it comes to talent acquisition. They operate by their own sets of rules and regulations. Famously, after always wanting to make the biggest splash in free agency, they don’t go near the pool anymore. Instead they sit in the jacuzzi and capture bubbles instead of making waves. When it comes to the draft, Dallas will do things like take a RB at No. 4 overall, and throw top draft capital at the linebacker position.

In other draft tenets, they’ve changed their philosophy as well, but this time rolling with the smart teams instead of contrary. No longer is the owner known as Trader Jerry, the guy willing to do anything to move up and grab his guy. Instead the team has held firm at their position in the first round, or even moved backwards, ever since ponying up for CB Morris Claiborne of LSU in 2012. The latest mock draft from Draft Wire has Dallas mixing and matching again, but in a way that seems fairly unbelievable.


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