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5 pressure DTs for Cowboys to consider in 2023 draft

The Cowboys’ were lucky enough to see serious development in last season’s Most Improved Player, Osa Odighizuwa. However, there is a severe lack of a versatile presence next to him as the coaching staff have shown they are not keen on Neville Gallimore. Dallas plays a hybrid system that use both even and odd fronts, seeing players like Odighizuwa, and previously Gallimore, used in multiple spots. Along the interior, the 3-and-5-technique positions are some of the most vital.

3-techs line up on the outside shoulder of a guard while 5-techs line up on the outside shoulder of the tackle; sharing responsibilities of getting to the QB while also providing two-gap ability versus the run. Since they play further away from the ball, a good first step while still having solid play strength is required.

Although currently out of favor, Gallimore remains on roster and the likes of Demarcus Lawrence and Chauncey Golston have the ability to kick inside from their edge positions. However, Dallas needs some bodies to supplement the improved play of Odighizuwa. Here are five targets to help bolster the Cowboys iDL.

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