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Cowboys NFL draft: Dallas receives 3 compensatory selections, now hold 9 total picks

NFL: DEC 24 Eagles at Cowboys
Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Cowboys just grew their overall draft pool by 50%.

When Thursday began the Dallas Cowboys had six selections in the 2023 NFL Draft to their name. That number has since grown by 50%.

No, the Cowboys did not make any sort of massive trade. On Thursday afternoon, the announcement of this year’s compensatory selections happened and the Cowboys received three for losing Randy Gregory, Connor Williams, and Cedrick Wilson in free agency a year ago. The latter two were both signed by the Miami Dolphins so we partly have them to thank for all of this.

Of their three new selections two are in the fifth round and the other in the sixth. These are the Cowboys’ nine total selections in the 2023 NFL Draft (comp picks in bold).

2023 Dallas Cowboys Draft Picks

  • 1st Round: 26th Overall
  • 2nd Round: 58th Overall
  • 3rd Round: 90th Overall
  • 4th Round: 129th Overall
  • 5th Round: 162nd Overall
  • 5th Round: 169th Overall
  • 5th Round: 176th Overall
  • 6th Round: 212th Overall
  • 7th Round: 245th Overall

There is admittedly a bit of question about the Cowboys’ original fifth- and seventh-round picks and where exactly they fall in draft order thanks to the league docking the Houston Texans a fifth-round pick earlier on Thursday. It is believed that these are correct, but the NFL has not offered full and total clarification yet, but this makes sense based off of their news.

As noted the Cowboys now hold nine overall picks in the draft and can trade all of them, including the compensatory selections. If you are wondering why the Cowboys do not have their own sixth-round pick, they traded it mid-season for Johnathan Hankins.

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